Week 73 – 10/17/16


This week has been slightly uneventful…but let’s see what I can remember.

Saturday we helped cook at the ward primary activity. Every single Guatemalan ward activity I’ve gone to has involved like 4 members who cook a TON of food for the whole ward (or primary) and serve every single plate and drink. They really need to master the art of the potluck.

A husky puppy moved in next door and it has huge puppy paws and it’s adorable. Seriously we need to teach it’s owners just so I  can play with it more.

We had an AWESOME lesson yesterday with an new investigator who we had given a Book of Mormon to previously. We really didn’t do much follow up with him, but he had been reading and praying without us and just started crying in the lesson we had.

I’ve been cooking a lot this week…with members and investigators. I’m excited to cook more when I get home! Proof:


Okay it doesn’t look that big in this picture…but seriously it was ginormous.



I broke a mirror when we went to go study with some hermanas. Mirrors are hard to come by here (like most mission houses just have one tiny one…) Whoops! 7 years of bad luck right?


My comp is going to be the mission nurse starting this week! Wish her luck. Supposedly I was teaching her English all this time we were together so she can talk to the doctors and stuff so hopfully she learned something…

Coban is RAINY! And getting cold. I haven’t had any cold really my whole mission so I might actually have to buy a coat.

I’m tired. So tired. It’s the worst after lunch. Honestly physically I don’t know how we do what we do sometimes, but what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger, right? And while I’m complaining..Guatemala has TOO MANY BUGS. I seriously always am scratching. Not just mosquitoes. Everything here eats me. And repellent does nothing.

As hard as it is. I really am enjoying it. I literally get to walk around and talk to strangers in Spanish about the gospel. I still am amazed that I can speak Spanish sometimes. The mission is the coolest experience!

This week we find about changes (MY LAST ONE). I think I’m leaving because I’ve been in my area for like 7 months…who knows!


Hermana Scott (yeah they use a toliet paper brand to remember my name)


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