Week 74 – 10/24/16

Hello hello,

Week 1!!!! New transfer. I’m training. It’s insane. When the assistants called me I seriously thought it was a joke. No one finishes training. I figured I was going to stop being hermana leader because they have to train some new ones…but really I wasn’t expecting this. And to be quite honest I’m worried. Everyone says your first and last transfers are the hardest (to stay focused, obedient, etc.. I guess I needed one last thing to push me out of my comfort zone and keep me focused and obedient! But real talk, it’s going to be hard. I just feel bad for whoever my hija is going to be…sending your mother home after one change???

We’re heading to an area called Santa Cruz about 20 minutes from Coban. I’m happy I’m staying close. We’ll be the only missionaries there working with a group (smaller than a branch.) I’ve done divisions there The area is gorgeous and freezing! Training and cleaning an area is hard. You kind of have to do everything at first. Wow how many times have I said hard in this email?

Anyways I meet my hija tomorrow. She’s probably getting her travel plans and her how to not get kidnapped talk in the CCM right now.

Oh man. We’ll have fun.

After 7 months in my area here it’s definitely emotional leaving. Breaking up with areas is always sad. What makes it worse is my companion is leaving too…So all of our converts and investigators are just like “ehhhh?” Man I really love the people here. I hate mission goodbyes because you never know if you’ll ever to see them again.

Me with all my comps that are still alive. This week we also had a meeting just for hermanas with three zones of hermanas. Planning it was almost as fun as the meeting itself. We made it super girly and I felt like I was in YW again. It was awesome and I think everyone needed a couple hours to just be reminded that we’re daughters of God. The mission is extra tough on the hermanas sometimes…lots of stress. So I think it was good for everybody!


One of my favorite families.

My life is in disarray right now. I have more packing to do. And the next couple days are going to be exciting (let’s say.) Sorry this was kind of short!


Hermana Scrabble


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