Week 75 – 10/31/16

Heyooo family and friends,

First things first, my camera cord got lost during transfers, so I don’t have any pictures. I promise I look the same, just now I have a coat on because my area is SO cold. Luckily it hasn’t rained yet. I can handle cold as long as it’s not wet and cold. But honestly I sleep with 3 blankets and 2 sweaters on.

I LOVE SANTA CRUZ! Like I’m kind of obssessed with this place. To be honest I was not interested in training or hopening an area whatsoever, but it has been an awesome week!! And just super fun exploring. I think so much time in my old area had me working kind of on autopiolot. I feel like a new missionary. So this was a perfect change for me. The members here are incredible. Seriously incredible. They just live at church. They wake up at 6 on Sundays to invitie people to church and then go visiting after church to see why people didn’t come. We had 7 investigators at church who the members invited. They all beg to go out visiting with us. It’s not normal.

We’ve been visiting a lot of them, trying to get to know them and they’ve all given us a ton of food. Imagine the kid from Matilda…that’s been me this week. Just instead of chocolate cake it’s been a never ending plate of tortillas and beans.

Seriously we’ve just been attacking the area. Unpacking, buying water, cleaning, visiting everyone we can. The members have given us a ton of references and like Ash, we want to catch them all. The only hard thing is the area is huge and we still don’t know our way around, but we’re working on it. I’ve definitely felt closer to Heavenly Father this week, just relying on Him to help us learn our area.

My new comp is awesome! Her name is Hermana Sanchez from El Salvador. She’s ready to work and really sweet. And really tired. Poor thing. Starting your mission is hard. I mean all missionaries are exhausted always, but she’s not used to it yet haha. She doesn’t speak English so I’m back to full-time Spanish. I haven’t done that since Feb! She’s handled the first week really well. From what I’ve seen the mental breakdowns usually start week 2 or 3, so I am just trying to keep her stress level down as much as possible while still helping her learn.

Goals this change…

  1. Be more patient. Every missionary needs a perfectly patient trainer and I want to be that trainer! I’m also trying to talk less and just be a good example. I think the other times I’ve trained I just wanted to explain everything but I’ve realized I should just set a good example and can keep my mouth shut a little bit more.
  2. Find a miracle everyday and write it down.
  3. Stay focused! I have made a rule for myself not to talk about home or finishing my mission because it’s distracting for me and other missionaries. I’ve notcied it’s other people that bring it up actually more than me. It’s fun talking about it in emails, but during the week I try to avoid it!
  4. 3 converts! There is so much potential here. A ton. And it makes me nervous because it’s our job to take care of everyone!

The group here wants me to start teaching piano lessons. Yikes. They have 1 piano, 12 people that want to learn, and I have 5 weeks left so that’ll be interesting.

Well Happy Halloween! Guatemala doesn’t do Halloween. It’s a bummer. Although if today’s Halloween that means Christmas starts tomorrow, right?


Hermana Scruggs


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