Week 76 – 11/7/16


Ugh I’m not much in a mood to write right now, but let’s see what I can remember from this week…it went by FAST! Faster than normal.

We went to contact a reference on Tuesday but the lady did not seem interested at all. Then, we noticed a little parrot who had gotten his wing stuck on a wire a ways up in the air. We tried climb and slingshotting to get him down for about half an hour until we finally were able to get him. This expirience of saving the little parrot clearly bonded us and the lady let us teach her! This got me thinking also…how the heck did that bird get stuck on such a thin wire when there was so much space for him to fly? Satan can trap us starting with really small things.

Instead of Halloween they celebrate day of the dead here. We went with members to give service in the cementary cleaning and painting headstones. The members were really excited to teach and give us references from people they met. I felt kind of weird trying to proselyte (is that how you spell that?) while people were honoring their ancestors, but it ended up being a good activity.

I really really like the members here. I didn’t want to, because it’s going to make leaving harder. However, they have certainly won me over.

My companion had to head to the capital to sign her visa and I got to hang out with one of my favorite hermanas in the mission, Hermana Hererra for a couple days. I would send pictures because I got my camera cord back but my camera just got wet and won’t turn on. So hopefully that rice thing works with cameras too….

A 16 year old boy in the group named Giovanni passed away this week. I really didn’t know him, but it has taken a big toll on all the members here. It’s been really really sad. What makes me the most sad is I’m almost positive he died because his family has no money and wasn’t able to take him to the hospital or do anything to help him. And they’re not the only family. Death, sickness, starvation is the norm here. We really need to count our blessings.

Finishing is hard. Honestly, every member and every missionary only wants to talk about me going home. I think all the missionaries who go home soon should be quarantined so we stop distracting everyone.

Luckily, I have some awesome people to teach who are helping me keep at it. Andi a little 9 year old who has been coming to church for years finally got permission to be baptized from his parents. He doesn’t feel much like a convert baptism to me because he’s basically a dry member, but it’s always fun (and SO much easier) teaching kids.

We’re not supposed to talk about politics as missionaries, but here’s to Hilary winning! If not I might have to stay in Guate for 4 more years and I don’t know if I can handle that…

Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Scruggs


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