Week 77 – 11/14/16

Hello hello,

This week has been real strange. Why you may ask? Well we had some safety problems in our area and got taken out on Monday night 😦 It was such a bummer. I loved Santa Cruz. We didn’t get to say bye to anyone, we just left. I think I had 2 of the best weeks of work of my mission there.

We set up camp with the hermana leaders in Coban…the area I just left. And we’ve been working with them in their area all week.

It’s so weird. I literally just left and said goodbye to everyone and they’re all confused why I’m here again. They thought they got rid of me. It has been fun going around and seeing some of my converts and investigators again. Do you remember Juanito and Victor?

They got baptized awhile back, Here’s the rest of their family:


Hermana Gomez (my last comp) is in an area right next to the hermana leaders, so I’ve gotten to work with her a little bit too. A member made us pens with foam Hermana Scruggs and Hermana Gomezes hahahah.


This is my new comp! My camera dried itself out, so I can finally send pictures. This is us being driven around by the church security guy in his fancy car. Yessss.


Being area-less is horrible. Honestly I think it’s the worst thing for someone who’s about to go home and someone who is just starting. We need little sheep to take care of. We can’t plan, we can’t do anything really! It feels like we’ve been on vacation a little bit. Hopefully we will have a new area soon!

The ENTIRE mission is in Coban right now for a conference we have tomorrow with Elder Duncan. He’s a member of the 70 who spoke a couple conferences ago about forgiveness. He used an analogy about using cream to take a thorn out of his finger I think. It’s the first time the whole mission has been together at once because some areas are 8 hours away from Coban!

My birthday was fun! I mean it’s basically a normal day…but some members baked a cake for me which was really nice. It’s a tradition in Guatemala to bite the cake which is why I’m seen just chomping at the cake in some of the pictures I sent. There’s another hermana in my district who’s birthday is today, so we ate more cake! All of 20 I’ve been in Guatemala. Nuts! 19 was college.

18 was my senior year of high school. Crazy.

Quote of the week:

“Faith is for the future. Faith builds on the past, but never longs to stay there. Faith trusts that God has great things in store for each of us and that Christ truly is the ‘high priest of good things to come'”. -Elder Holland


Hermana Trump (Yeah an investigator was like “your last name is hard to say…but it sounds a lot like Trump so I’ll just call you Hermana Trump.”)


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