Week 78 – 11/21/16

Hello beautiful people,

What’s the point of writing these anymore??? I will see you all so soon! Not that I’m thinking about that…

Anyways. Tuesday we had our conference with Elder Duncan. It was fabulous. He literally just gave us like a missionary Ted Talk all day. Usually when we have conferences like that it’s really formal, but he was just walking around chatting with everyone. His wife is also adorable. My favorite point he talked about was inviting us to imagine every area where we are serving as a stake! I think he surprised everyone by saying that, but we need more faith to help the church grow! I think my favorite part of the conference was singing Called to Serve with the entire mission. Seriously I could have cried. It was the best.

It was so fun having the whole mission together. Seriously a blast. Lots of pictures were taken. And we ate so much food.This is the group I came with from the CCM. We used to be 11 😦

Well we finally got reassigned. We’re in an area called Tactic (tack teek) now. It’s close to where we were before, just more freezing! We got here Saturday. It was a long 2 weeks not having an area. And once again I am dropped off where I know no one. We just did this and then had to leave. It’s challenging (let’s say because these emails are supposed to sound positive.) It’s FREEZING. Like I am struggling to type because my fingers are numb. More freezing then Santa Cruz which is why I’ve been wearing that stupid hat. It’s like Seattle winter without heat or cars. It’s so freezing but so pretty here. I feel like seeing mountains with trees sould have gotten old by now, but it still blows my mind. It doesn’t look that neat in the pictures, but trust me!

Elders lived in our house before us. We are disinfecting.

There’s a 12 year old named Glenda who was supposed to get baptized Sunday but was afraid of the water. We’re praying for her. We get to work with her and maybe give her swim lessons. We’re going to take her to chapel with hot water which I think will help too!

Best quote of the week:

Me: “Woah you had 5 baptisms?? How’d you do it?”

Other hermana: “Well it was a family and their TV broke which helped a lot.”

How do I feel about finishing? Weird, sad, but happy! It’s every missionary’s dream to actually get to finish their mission! It’s a very satisfying feeling. Leaving is going to be really really sad. I feel like I’ll be leaving half my heart here…but I have a lot to look forward to at home too! I’m trying to just not think about anything so I can keep working, but it’s just a lot of emotions.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! There are turkeys that run around in peoples houses here and it’s kind of gross. Yummm turkey. Although we all know Thanksgiving is really all about the mashed potatoes and stuffing!

Well got to go. We’re off to buy coats, gloves, and tights! Hermana Scruggs


The pics with all the hermanas are my 3 daughters, 2 granddaughters and my great granddaughter!


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